Armageddon (Part Two)

At this point in events our terrestrial Genesis was established in four heavenly kingdoms and vast expanses of wilderness occupied by hidden outcasts, some descendants of the cursed cross between humans and Nephillim and other pure humans.

The arrival of new visitors may have been motivated by curiosity, as they claimed, but it was surely due in large part to a fact that we carefully hide from all our fellow humans and, of course, from humans.

Since this experiment was new, we ignored some things, such as the recessive memory of DNA, which implies that, even modified, it tends to return to its original state.

This could have produced that humans began to develop their genetics, even when evolution does not exist on the planet, if there is adaptation and the essential qualities of DNA that respond to universal laws that are above our science.

But what we hid was that it was not true that we breathed life into human clones with some of our own soul energy. This would have been strenuous for us. What we really did was ambush uncreated spirits that roamed free in the universe and encapsulate them in soul envelopes, using their own energy, which went on to feed the subjects of our creation.

This almost certainly caught the attention of their star families who came to their rescue. Many of them fell prey to our spirit trap, but others managed to escape. As it was, the libertarian impulse of the new incarnated spirits began to be part of free humanity, some led by leaders like Lucifer and Prometheus began an infinite battle against our plan.

Peace had ended on Earth and the four heavenly kingdoms should seek an intelligent way to survive.

The heavenly kingdoms and their emperors were established in what is now Central America, China, Central Europe, and North Africa.

Over time we built the great capital of commerce and science on a continent located in the current Atlantic Ocean. A replica was built in the Mediterranean Sea, many years later. Both were baptized as Atlantida.

Meanwhile, most of the humans lived in the blocks, at the foot of our great cities, serving in the construction of the great empires that today you know as the Maya, Inca, Egyptian, Chinese and Roman (built later as a champion of our culture ), others ventured into groups that seem to have been favored by genetic contributions from other star races, such as Celts, Germans, Nordics, Native Americans, Mongols, and generally free men from all lands.

The original human was disappearing, surpassed by the new races of more advanced and capable men.

Soon his mental and spiritual development forced us to devise a plan to achieve absolute control of our creation, the plan was called: Har-Magedon, Mount Megiddo, the place where the final battle between good and evil will be.

What this plan was based on. In the first place, we had to remove from the focus of humans that we were their enemy. It was necessary that they recognize us for what we are: their creators. But for the figure of creation to be stronger, the God should be one, so we established a plan for the appearance of cults to a single god. However, to maintain the division between men, we gave that God different names and different cults, and made them fight each other.

The loyal humans were placed as the government of all humanity, the visible rulers, apparently chosen by the people, would depend on them. We would lead everyone through them, for that we established the so-called “political ideologies” and parties, which, combined with religions, would make up the element of distraction and the justification for continuous wars. We led everyone, so that every war was won by us and lost by humans.

At the same time, we were shaping various information systems that would have the task of bringing to humans what we want them to know or believe they know and to change the reality of events and the moments in space and time in which they occurred. in such a way that all their past would be buried in confusion, thus avoiding that they will treasure liberating experience.

This was almost perfect, if it weren’t for several elements that got out of hand:

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The first was the greed of our human collaborators, which led them to exploit the planet to dangerous limits. This aroused the attention of our star allies who had built this garden and now saw it in danger. His claim demanded the extermination of most humans to achieve a balance.

Nor could we tell these partners that the fault was not all human, since in truth we were not very interested in the planet if it did not produce what we wanted and that the discomfort of pollution and the false belief of overpopulation were part of our strategy of domination. based on creating insoluble problems for them that kept them in a constant state of fear.

Part of that strategy of terror was the proliferation of diseases and their costly cures that did not really cure and shortened their lifetimes. We thus achieved that of the initial six hundred years, they were satisfied with seventy or eighty of which we took their periods of greatest productivity and then discarded them with promises of withdrawals whose resources we consumed ourselves.

Defective health care systems, limited education based on misconceptions, obsessive cultural patterns such as music that is increasingly alienating and conducive to low states of life, was all our action for these times when we had to face the problems that I mentioned. higher:

The recessive characteristic of DNA that makes humans “perceive” its stellar origin.

The inclusion of extraterrestrial elements that come to rescue their families.

Everything suggests that the final resource, the great battle between good and evil, will have to be carried out to justify the death of millions of humans who will fight for both sides, ignoring that both sides are led by: