So that you understand why they hate us … (First Part)

It was when we entered through the fourth door that we found floating in the liquid space an immense stone, almost spherical, flattened on the sides, with an igneous center still alive.

We lined up our ships and put the bow to the new discovery, hoping that the tests we were about to carry out would prove positive.

After years of testing, the analyzer module brought us all the results. The object was fit for a full seeding of life.

The first thing was to lower water from the cosmic space and retain it on the surface of the rock with a system of emission of electromagnetic vibrations that would prevent all the work to be done from spreading throughout the cosmos.

Our alpha draconis allies, from there, prepared various experimentation grounds and planted different species of plants that would compact the ground and provide the atmosphere with the gases necessary for life.

This task took a lot of effort and time and cost many of us our lives.

Then came our work to create, based on clones stored in our cryogenic warehouses, the animal species that would complement life on the planet.

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We did a lot of testing, based on our own native species, eliminating those that did not fit or were counterproductive to the original plan.

Some species were of singular capacity for adaptation, which is why they were taken as a basis for later diversification.

These species were essentially reptiles.

The form of reproduction was taken from them, for being easy to control, to protect or destroy them according to the need of the moment.

After many trials and failures, the fauna and flora were more or less stable and we were ready for the next step: our move to that paradise.

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Everything was in perfect balance. The waters and the lands. Plants, trees and animals. All in a perfect harmony of beauty and peace.

Now it was about building our houses, which had to be magnificent and not affect the environment.

Our warriors, now useless because all the wars had already been left behind, would take care of the constructions.

We decided to create four kingdoms, for each of the traveling kings. These were called the Kingdoms of the North, South, East and West.

We were not going to ruin this paradise with wars and that is why the kingdoms were planned to be distant.

To maintain plant life, captains of the winds, tides, plants, trees, etc. were appointed. A whole legion of subtle beings that moved silently between the elements of our creation.

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However, the construction was not as simple as we thought, despite all our technical resources.

The material was especially difficult to handle and put up a lot of resistance, which is why our workers began to show signs of fatigue and hostility.

So it was that in the Congress of the Alliance it was decided to create an animal capable of doing these jobs.

The celestial kings gave their approval and our scientists, most of them female, began the arduous task of selecting the animal that would be the object of modifications to adapt it to our construction needs.

According to how we had agreed, the specimen would be extinguished at the end of the tasks. JURASSIC WORLD LARGE BASIC Velociraptor Blue: Toys & Games

A specimen similar to the velociraptor was taken into account because it had already been used as a base for other species, especially birds, showing a great capacity for transformation.

It was subjected to various clones until we got a bipedal animal of great strength and resistance, hybrid, which would be produced in our laboratories until we no longer needed them.

The question now would be if his mental capacity would allow him to perform these tasks, so it was decided to place some extra capacity as a precaution for the future.

We, in our midst, did not need a reproduction system, since we had the technology to develop clones of ourselves and transfer our souls to them when our physical body was already worn out, which took millennia to happen, or in the event that by some circumstance we would have been mortally wounded. In such situations the transfer of the soul became more difficult and sometimes took years to recover. Even so, we kept our sexuality as part of our daily enjoyment, the males being slightly larger than the females and more fond of war and depots than they, inclined to intellectual tasks.

In such a way that we thought that our workers could be easily cloned, since there was no soul to transfer.

They were called “Lumanians.”

In a short time we noticed that adjustments had to be made. They died en masse during the work, due to their clumsiness and this involved a lot of work in our laboratories.

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We solved the problem of the laboratory producing them in two sexes and that their reproduction was by fertilization as in the ancient times of our own civilization.

We added functionality to some lines of his DNA to develop a basic brain capable of solving simple job-related situations.

This is how “El Humano” was born. We had a big party to celebrate the invention, while they themselves seemed to dance to the sound of our instruments, down there, in their stables.

In order to better control them, we developed them much smaller than ourselves, so that one of our guards could be two or three times his size.

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And so the work continued: palaces and roads were built. Many of them died of exhaustion, others fled into the woods, but the greatest disaster was caused by our own guards when they crossed paths with human women.

They feared and respected us as gods and we never told them that we were not, because we had been their creators and it was fair that they take us as superior beings. But it is possible that the fact that our guards and ourselves took their women, diminished their respect for us. And it was for reasons like those that some decided to flee and even hated us and tried to kill us if they could.

Soon the mestizo children of humans and vigilantes were a multitude and since they were of no use to us and were an affront to the purity of our blood, we incited them to fight against the humans who, from then on and thanks to our strategies, hated them until the end, about to exterminate them. However, the royal blood had already reached them and many changes were taking place.

Those vigilantes who had broken our law, while demanding a different treatment towards humans, were proscribed and expelled from our lands, thus becoming despised beings, even by men themselves.

I think that was the beginning of the appearance of rebels, libertarian beings who rejected our direction. But it also influenced the arrival of other travelers who came with different ideas and intentions towards humans. Something like turning them into free men.