I would like to feel neutral, cold, but right now my heart burns with courage.

The frozen stubbornness of the inhuman conductors of this orchestra that plays the most horrible music of all time. Merchants of death, bunglers, architects of lies.

The foolish fixation of minions flying different flags with sharp edges like razor blades.

On second thought, the one who hurts me the most is the friend who demands that I think differently, the one who sets himself up as an example of truth and humanism.

Dogmatisms do not fit in a timeless and infinite universe, they do not fit in an uncreated cosmos where everything is part of the whole, where Krishna, Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad play the figures with you and me. And there, in the game, even Darwin participates …

Perhaps the end of illustrious creatures has come, to simply give way to creatures.

That is why I am more convinced by my wild friend than the star fleet commander.

I have a vague memory of other worlds, enough to know that I am not from here, but that, at the same time, I am united to the destiny of humanity by an inexplicable love.

The sharp flags are children of vanity, if you fly any, do not be surprised that, in your path, a trail of blood remains …