I don’t want to have to write these words, I don’t want what I express to be true. I do not want it because I have struggled all my life to twist what is evident and my broken fallen angel wings are already tired.

Everything we look at, we have two ways of looking at it: metaphysical or scientific. And within each of these modalities, we have hundreds or thousands of different beliefs. In addition, we ignore enough to doubt what we think we know.

That is why we are going to take this analysis from facts.

I mean: humanity is here on Earth, whether it has been cloned by the Annunaki, created by God or spontaneously emerged from two unique bacteria.

Since we have historical memory, the vast majority was controlled, ruled, annihilated, manipulated and sent to bloody wars by a few.

For example the «liberation» of America was a movement produced by a select group that responded to a certain plan for humanity. The «heroes» of each nation were actually leaders elected and trained to produce that movement and were motivated by their individual ideals.

Today in the networks, the freemasons are attacked by this and other plans, but in reality, we do not stop to analyze whether they were bad or good programs and what their intentions were.

All along there has been and there is a hidden war between royal families, bloodlines, different galactic origins or whatever they want to justify. The tangible reality is that these sides are identified by common interests. And let’s be clear: material interests.

Today there are three strong sides: that of the Chinese families (the dragon), that of Russia (possibly allied to the Chinese families) and the western bloc (the eagle) formed by the USA, UK, Israel, and western Europe.

Currently, the western bloc is divided into two corporate interest groups. One, apparently stained by acts of pedophilia and black magic, formed by the British crown, Israel and the European Union. The other by President Trump and the Conservative Party (plus his allies in the Pentagon and the armed forces).

In that context, the countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa appear more as looting clothes than allies or partners.

And in all cases, the peoples of each of the factions remain ignorant of reality, attentive to their individual problems of having to live tightly between their low income and their increasingly high expenses.

They remain unhappy to be able to use them in marches, mobilizations, and revolts to stabilize or destabilize governments, as the plans of the powerful forces in conflict run.

No major change in the world was produced from a popular movement.

They were always singularities like Buddha, Napoleon, Alexander the Great or Julio Cesar, capable of manipulating peoples and their representatives.

Never did a people free a nation, generate a change in the economy or create a new religion.

And they never will.

The question I ask myself is IF IT WAS ALWAYS THAT.

Let’s clarify that liberated people is not one with better wages and shorter days. That is more of the same, with greater social justice, perhaps, soft slavery.

What I wonder is if we ever ran free through the prairies, we built a hut where we would like it and we took the food directly from the plant.

Or we live in civilizations where work was not necessary.

They have wanted to convince us that humanity has a few years of cultural history, barely 15,000 when its origins exceed one million.

When there are monuments – and every day new ones are discovered – that denote antiquity greater than what the Bible declares.

Why we hide that part of the story if it is not for us to ignore THAT THERE IS ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE.

Attentive to all these rebellions that we see throughout the world. They do not arise from the bowels of the people, they are part of plans of different interests, which will always feed on the meat of the people.

It is said that humanity will be humiliated, that some angels will pity her, but they will be punished and their wings cut off, by the power that rules the world.

Thus … the bad ones are not the bad ones … nor the good ones are the good ones …