The initial problem we face is the lack of reliable sources of information since almost everything is handled by one of the parties, which mixes real data with false and confusing elements.

Still, we will try to figure out what the interests at prank in the present are.

The dominant and oldest, who has transformed the historical data in his favor is which we will call CABALA. This is not made up of the Jewish people, but the so-called Wise Men of Zion and some families of European royalty, such as that of the British crown.

They control banks, especially central banks, insurers, health, media, news agencies, education and most governments in the world, as well as the largest war force on earth. Its geographical head is England and Israel and its alliances can be easily found during the Second World War. For a long time the USA was a review of this power and its greatest view,for that reason it is the largest debtor in the world.

Netayahu and the Brit Family are the visible exponents of this power, which has its invisible head outside the planet.

The American Democratic Party is the vassal of this administration, until the takeover of PresidentTrump, of the conservative party,  which tries to validate what Kennedy started in his time and cost him his life and which is to take back the power of his nation and its currency. The war powers game comes into play as they share NATO’s war machine.

Trump’s contempt for the Queen in official acts is due to the reason they are enemies.

There is currently a hidden struggle in North America between the centralized powers in the Pentagono and some armed forces officers against the Democratic party and many officials and military personnel who still respond to the  Cabala. Trump’s media defamed impeachment is partly due to this contest.

The Trump-Conservative Party Vs. England-Democratic Party clash, a third contender formed by the Russia-China alliance is added.

Trump is probably also aligned with this alliance, but not necessarily.

The social outbursts in América Latina are produced by the  Cabala with the aim of creating an area of conflict easy to be controlled through a false left, as they did at the time with the Soviet Union.

The triumph of the new contenders and the fall of the Cabala would bring a possible improvement to the already unsustainable life of the inhabitants and the environment of the Earth and probably also the promised progress towards a future of vital life.

Let us always remember that our minds and thoughts guide the processes of history, let us remain in the strong desire for the final defeat of the Cabala and its pedophile killers.