J – Waking up an hour ago. Wake up normal, not spiritual

H – That concept of awakening, so widespread among the search engines, is totally wrong, in the shit they are.

J – That is something that Zen reported and then the new era took it, abrupt awakening, but it all depends on what you consider waking up, for some it is simply realizing the manipulation.

H – It is not the exclusive property of Zen

J – It is true in other doctrines there is the gradual awakening

H – Waking up is simply (realizing) it is the first step that guarantees you nothing

J – For me to realize is to realize … then find a way to free yourself from the trap, then really free yourself.

H – Look then … to remain in prison is to move towards an external world through the process of evolution. To free yourself is to be able to enter a personal inner world, but there are guardians who do not allow you such a feat that said

J – That’s what Blavatsky said too

H – External world where the ET owned by the demiurge, worlds of subtle or rude matter, internal worlds = worlds of antimatter home of the spirits.

J – Blavatsky does not mention Ets, but refers to them with dyanchohans or elohim

H – Roads there I put you here one of them: the vampire temple (demiurgical) (It refers to a link that sent me) This brotherhood exists you can enter the find by an impulse of the same matrix. there the most awake fall.

J – Do you think it is necessary to be in a brotherhood?

H – No. You have to connect through the meditation with the spirit guides, the masters of mantayama and the yoga of sleep have the Mantrayama key.

J – Something like consciously entering the astral terrain

H – You have to get to the cause, there is the exit

J – What do you call the cause.

H – Causal … the causal body. The matrix offers you everything you want in the meat but assures you very well with the archons.

J – I think some of us have been punished.

H – It is part of the matrix programs, it has one for everyone, you are frustrated by material things. and like me you hold on to some capital sin, that is, you want to leave, but on condition that you have here, before, what you want, then, since they don’t give it to you, the samsara program comes and Laborde, always catches you … it can to be something philosophical, the realization of a dream, to go to the future or to the past, and to everything they have it prepared. What happens is that before leaving the world the most terrible terror grabs you, the extinction of the ego that sensation that is the last test, if you pass it you enter the real world. This is what tantra is about by not ejaculating with a beautiful woman unconsciously

You feel this fear because non-ejaculation comes from the spirit and not from the flesh that dies defeated in this act.

J – Many years ago, meditating, I went further and gave me a deep terror … terror in a vacuum … I became very scared and did not meditate again for two years, one is not prepared for that because everyone tells you that You go to a world of light.

H – That’s why I stopped meditating many many years ago.

J – And maybe, Hugo, we don’t want to merge into that empty space, we want to solidify our individuality

H – That space is the void of matter then you are reborn in reality.

J – Yes, imagine that it was a threshold … but you have to reinforce courage well to cross it

H – That’s why I like Allatra, I think they want to help and they know important things, I don’t like it because it is addressed to the public (common people) and they bring their agenda with Russia, but here I am, analyzing them