Once Yavel grew old enough, he felt alone in his room, since there were not others there who were like him.

So he searched and searched through the things that had accumulated in the house until he found a sphere of glass, hollow inside.

Something wonderful arose in his mind when he saw that sphere.

He gathered some stones and plants and placed them at the bottom. And to give more consistency to the environment, he added water.

Then he peeked over the surface of his creation and saw his face reflected in the water and thought, “This is good.”

But his invention was meaningless without anyone admiring it.

Then he remembered that in a nearby lagoon there were creatures that swam in the water freely. He improvised a network and went to the lake, where he obtained two of those living beings.

He introduced them into his newly created fish tank, named them, and said: – From now on you will reproduce and name all the things in this fish tank and to Me, your Creator, you will call me God. And you will love no one else.

The fish obeyed.

Although with time they forgot their original lake, something in their interior told them that they did not belong to that fish tank.

And they never managed to be happy …